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FIBI-BUFFER: Eco-friendly and multi-applicable buffering material

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The base of FIBI-buffer is a mulch film, a biodegradable film, in which cups are formed by using thermoforming techniques

Fibibuffer has diversified her likewise named product with the bio-based Ecovio material of BASF. A big B-to-B multinational in electronics successfully protects her vulnerable telecom devices with FIBI-buffer.

The base of FIBI-buffer is a mulch film, a biodegradable film, in which cups are formed by using thermoforming techniques. The cups are then filled with schock-absorbing blocks and sealed with a mulch-film cover. At the end perforations are made around each filled cup to enable the use of single or multiple cups.

At first, the FIBI-buffer fillings were based on wood fibers. At the request of one of her customers Fibibuffer expanded her product range with the Ecovio filling. “The customer is an international service provider voor electronic devices. She performs repair- and refurbishing activities which require the sending of the hardware. If the wood fiber based cushions would tear and leak, the wood-fibers could potentially get into the electronics and cause problems. To avoid this risk an alternative filling was requested. In cooperation with BASF Ecovio has now been made applicable for FIBI-buffer,” says Peter Westgeest from Fibibuffer.

Ecovio, a PLA-based material by BASF, recently became available in an expandable form. With this material a hard and biodegradable foam can be made. Westgeest only sees advantages: “The new filling broadens our product range, is lighter in weight and cannot leak.”


“The interesting aspect about this casus is that the international client has strict requirements regarding degrees of flexibility in application and protection. Next to eco-friendliness, which is an important characteristic of FIBI-buffer, high practical performances are required. The fact that a multinational seeks cooperation with a starting company underscores the positive characteristics of FIBI-buffer,” says Westgeest.


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