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Expired foods still edible? Boston grocer betting on it

By Canadian Packaging Staff   

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Read about five foods still considered safe even past its best-before date.

Canadian Packaging magazine recently viewed an article on BBC News Magazine Moniter discussing five expired foods it claims are safe to eat long after its expiry-date has come and gone, and mentions a shop in Boston, MA that plans to sell only foods past its safe date.

While best-before dates are to be used as a guideline, it is true that manufacturers tend to err on the side of caution, providing a best-before date that could easily be extended to an actual ‘do-not-eat-date’.

However, the BBC article does fail to note the name of the Boston grocer—it’s The Daily Table.

Led by Dough Rauch—the former president of a US supermarket chain Trader Joe’s—The Daily Table will specialize in repackaging and selling food that’s past it’s best-before date at severely discounted prices.


Set to open in the Boston suburb of Dorchester in early 2014, Rauch says its about using 40 per cent of the food usually wasted, and about bringing affordable nutrition to those who can’t usually afford it.

The plan calls for The Daily Table to be a hybridized restaurant and grocery store, taking in these expired foods, prepping it, and then cooking it for consumers.

To read the BBC’s article on the five expired foods you could still eat even though the best-before date has passed, click HERE.

Please note, however, that Canadian Packaging suggests you follow the best-before dates and cooking and storage instructions on the packaging from whence it came—it’s there for a reason.


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