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DS Smith Plastics, Worldwide Dispensers Replaces One-Way Packaging with Reusable Container Stackabox Hybrid to Supply Moulded Taps to Clients

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DS Smith Worldwide Dispensers has replaced their entire supply chain of one-way packaging with reusable and collapsible dispensing containers

DS Smith Plastics, Worldwide Dispensers business segment has been looking to improve efficiencies in their supply chain by replacing one-way packaging used to supply moulded parts to their clients with reusable containers.

In close cooperation with the client they defined that the solution had to be compatible with top dispensing systems, needed a removable cover with lock and the possibility to hold one plastic bag per box to pack the parts. The previous one-way packaging could hold only around 600 pieces per box. One pallet could hold 20 boxes, meaning one truck with 25 pallets could transport 300,000 pieces per truck. To make logistics more efficient and to save costs, Worldwide Dispensers looked for a more efficient alternative and found one within their own plastics division.

Our approach

Stackabox Hybrid manufactured by their Injection Moulding business segment was designed to transport, store and dispense fragile moulded bottles, closures and taps. In addition, Stackabox Hybrid is durable, reusable and collapsible when empty, making it the ideal solution that can be utilised throughout the entire production process. The removable cover can be locked, and the box has the possibility to hold a liner. The top dispensing is suitable for a wide range of products.

The Result

Stackabox Hybrid foldable containers are compatible with top dispensing systems but can be integrated in any dispensing system, such as base dispensing, allowing for more flexibility for the future. The container fits perfectly with DS Smith Plastics, Worldwide Dispensers Supply Cycle logistics’ needs. Only one Stackabox Hybrid can hold 4,200 moulded pieces and thanks to an optimal load of truck, 26 Stackaboxes can be stacked 3 high, allowing approx. 330,000 pcs per truck. The solution offers multiple advantages: it reduces handling costs, saves costs, fast ROI and reduces the number of trucks on the road with 10%, reducing CO² emissions significantly. The highly efficient fold ratio minimises warehouse storage costs. The durable construction with smooth internal surfaces ensures ease of cleaning, providing maximum hygiene for the storage of the caps and the easy integration of a liner allows for easy packing. Stackabox Hybrid is fully recyclable after it’s useful long life of at least 500 return trips



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