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Cascades plant boosts capacity

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$3.5-million project boosts production capacity by 40 per cent.

Leading Canadian paper products manufacturer Cascades Inc. has started up a recently-installed new paper machine for manufacturing molded pulp products at its Cascades Forma-Pak plant—located near the company’s global headquarters in Kingsey Falls, Que.

Operating as part of the Cascades Specialty Products Group business, the plant specializes in producing egg filler flats and beverage cup carriers used in the fast-food industry using old newspapers and telephone directories for raw material.

Commenced in 2010, the $3.5-million installation project has boosted the plant’s production capacity by 40 per cent, according to Cascades chief operating officer Mario Plourde, along with vast improvements in product quality, specifically in respect to finishing an packaging.

Plourde says improved packaging rigidity will enable the plant to optimize its delivery operations by enabling it to put up to 20 per cent more products on its delivery trucks—achieving significant reductions in the operating GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions.


“It was time to modernize this plant, which manufactures environmentally-friendly food packaging solutions,” Plourde says.

“Since molded pulp material is fully recycled and recyclable, we believe that it is a product with a bright future, especially with a packaging industry that increasingly demands more responsible solutions.”

Along with the new machine, the Forma-Pak plant had also automated a big part of its existing equipment, he adds, while also installing systems for securing the machines to improve workplace safety.

Says Plourde: “Because the plant is limited in terms of space, rather than expand we have completely redesigned it to accommodate more equipment and increase its efficiency.”

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