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Boxed wine making a big splash in the U.S.

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Breaking with tradition is not a decision to be taken lightly in the time-honored wine industry, but using paper packaging instead of glass is merely staying true to its roots for the Napa, Ca.-based winemaker Bota Box, which has just rolled out its new, vintage-dated varietals—including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay—across the U.S. in 500-ml Tetra Pak aseptic cartons.

Operating as part of the renowned family-owned California vintner DFV Wines, Bota Box was founded 2003 as a niche producer of wine packaged in large-sized, three-liter bag-in-box packages—containing the equivalent of four 750-ml bottles—made from 100-recyclable, unbleached, post-consumer fiberboard printed with soy-based inks.

Offered in eight popular varietals—also including Riesling, Malbec, Shiraz and Old Vine Zinfandel—the three-liter cartons incorporate proprietary FlexTap bag-and-tap technology that enables the wine to stay fresh for up to 45 days after opening, according to the company’s senior brand manager John Garaventa, helping establish the brand as a true “green choice” among California wine-lovers.

“We take great care in making sure our wines are packaged in environmentally-friendly packaging, and in doing so, have received an overwhelming response from our customers,” says John Garaventa. “We knew it was time to push the envelope by bringing something fresh and innovative to quality- and eco-conscious wine enthusiasts.


“For us, Bota Tetra Paks are a home run: quality wine, sustainable packaging, and convenient size.”

Garaventa says using Tetra Pak cartons instead of glass will provide about 75-percent reduction in GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions and generate 50 per cent less landfill waste.

“In addition to having a lighter carbon footprint, Bota Tetra Paks fall in sync with the active modern lifestyle,” adds Garaventa. “The versatile containers are shatterproof, portable and practical with a resealable twist-off cap—making Bota the perfect wine choice for ski trips, backpacking, camping and outdoor entertainment.”


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