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Estonian dairy uses Greiner Packaging for innovative packaging

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Consumer-friendly sustainable packaging used for dairy drinks.

Greiner Packaging supplies Estonian dairy Valio Eesti with innovative packaging for kefir and yogurt drinks in bottles that are not only practical and consumer-friendly, but also stand out in sustainability due to their low weight and optimized use of plastic material.

Since 1992, Valio Eesti has been producing over 150 milk and cheese products for the Baltic region and Italy, making it one of the largest dairy companies in Estonia.

Valio Eesti relies on the experts at Greiner Packaging for packaging its dairy products. Greiner Packaging recently started supplying 100 mL and 300 mL low-weight HDPE (High-density polyethylene) bottles for probiotic kefir and yogurt drinks, in addition to a long history of delivering thermoformed dairy cups to Valio Eesti.

Plastic manufacturer Greiner Packaging engages solutions via its three divisions: K, Kavo, and Assistec.


“We were able to use our comprehensive know-how of different plastic-processing technologies to implement a sustainable and cost-optimized product solution for our customer,” explains Kavo sales director Günter Ausserwöger. “For the 100 mL bottle, we even developed a unique cap for our customer as the requested standard solution did not exist in the market.”

Practical enjoyment to go
Aside from packaging traditional kefir drinks and yogurt shots, Valio Eesti is also using the new packaging for their innovative 300 mL yogurt smoothies—a first in the Estonian market.

The products, targeted primarily at families with children, are sold all over the Baltic region.

“Healthy eating is booming and the demand for berry flavor, vitamin-rich drinks, and smoothies is increasing. Resealable bottles are also perfectly suited for enjoying your drink on the go,” says Ausserwöger.

The bottles are made via blowmolding, with the closures coming from injection molding , all from HDPE with filling capacities of 100mL and 300mL

Flavors available are:

  • 100 mL yogurt shots: kiwi, strawberry-banana, plum, tutti-frutti;
  • 300 mL kefirs: blueberry, cappuccino, chocolate-mint;
  • 275 mL yogurt smoothies: banana-strawberry-kiwi, mango-passion fruit, pear-apple-banana.

Greiner Packaging is one of Europe’s leading plastic packaging manufacturers in the food and non-food sector, with locations in 18 different countries around the world.

This organization benefits both large international as well as domestic enterprises. True to its motto, “from concept to the finished product”, the plastic packaging manufacturer Greiner Packaging supports its customers throughout the entire product development process. The company is known for its great skill in providing development, design, production, and decoration solutions.

Application of a broad spectrum of technologies has helped it deliver its “unique packaging proposition” for an exceptionally wide range of products for more than 50 years.

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