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features Design Plastic Design & Innovation
December 11, 2018  

Squeeze to please

Opinion Glass Plastic Design & Innovation General
December 11, 2018  

Packaging hits all festive high notes

News Metal Plastic Sustainability
December 10, 2018  

Keg manufacturer moves forward to advance circular economy principles

News Paperboard Packaging Plastic Sustainability
December 4, 2018  

Stora Enso and startup Sulapac have joined forces to develop renewable and biodegradable straws

News Glass Metal Plastic Sustainability
December 3, 2018  

Oak Hill Capital Partners and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Lead the Recapitalization of Berlin Packaging

News Plastic Sustainability
November 28, 2018  

Canadians are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging

News Bottles Plastic Sustainability
November 21, 2018  

Danone pledges real action on circular economy

News Plastic Sustainability
November 19, 2018  

Nestlé Waters North America Signs Agreement with Recycled PET Supplier CarbonLITE

News Paperboard Packaging Plastic Sustainability
November 14, 2018  

Fewer newspapers but more packaging in Ontario households

News Plastic Sustainability
November 13, 2018  

7-Eleven Canada Spearheads Convenience Industry’s Largest Restoration Initiative

News Paperboard Packaging Plastic General
November 13, 2018  

PMMI Announces Inaugural On the Rise Award Winners

News Plastic Sustainability
November 13, 2018  

P&G Thinks Inside the Box with New Tide Eco-Box

features Case Packing Plastic Food Safety
November 12, 2018  

Partnering for packaging

News Coding & Labeling Corrugated Plastic General
November 12, 2018  

The Fontana Group places trust in Colter & Peterson’s Polar cutting system

News Plastic General
November 8, 2018  

Acquisition of MHT

News Paperboard Packaging Plastic Sustainability
November 8, 2018  

PPEC generates conversation about the future of sustainability

News Plastic General Sustainability
November 7, 2018  

Reid Canada to Acquire Polybottle Group Limited and Humberline Packaging Inc. from ABC Group

News Plastic Sustainability
October 30, 2018  

Greenpeace unveils branded plastic trash installation at Yonge-Dundas Square

News Bottles Glass Plastic Sustainability
October 30, 2018  

Pretium positions its SureHandle PET bottle as alternative for glass beer growlers, cold brew coffee

News Plastic Sustainability
October 29, 2018  

Ocean Wise and PAC Packaging Consortium issue white paper addressing microplastics pollution problem

features Plastic Robotics Automation
October 25, 2018  

Animal Attractions

News Plastic Sustainability
October 24, 2018  

Reduction of single-use plastics needs to tie in with circular economy actions and consumption realities in Europe

News Plastic Food Safety Sustainability
October 24, 2018  

Coveris Reduces Plastic with New Recyclable Skinboard Tray

News Plastic Sustainability
October 16, 2018  

DS Smith Plastics Introduces a New Feature to their AkyPak Returnable Containers Product Line

News Palletizing Plastic Food Safety Sustainability
October 15, 2018  

First totally closed-loop recycler converts bales of post-consumer pet into food-grade finished packaging products

News Film Plastic Sustainability
October 15, 2018  

Functional Packaging Reduces Waste and Cuts Costs

News Bottling Cans Coding & Labeling Corrugated Plastic Printing Robotics Software Automation Converting Design & Innovation General
October 2, 2018  

Show and tell: PACK EXPO 2018 sneak preview

News Plastic Sustainability
September 28, 2018  

Nova chemicals steps in to help fight marine plastic litter by aiming right at the source

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