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WestRock Automation Solutions on Display at PACK EXPO 2021

By WestRock   

An innovative solution for food manufacturers, the Cluster-Pak® (CP) eMerge™ Combo is WestRock’s newest fully integrated system that enables a wide range of bowl and tray formats. Using WestRock’s optimized fiber-based primary, secondary and tertiary packaging through integrated end-of-line automation, the CP eMerge Combo increases line efficiency and lowers total cost through material and labor savings.

This integrated solution starts with a new, fiber-based, freezer and microwave safe food bowl that is wrapped in a Cluster-Pak® wrap style sleeve carton. Made from recyclable paperboard the carton uses 30-40% less board than a fully enclosed box. The combined product then gets packed into easy-to-open, corrugated shelf-ready packaging. The CP eMerge Combo system consists of a delta robot pick and place, Cluster-Pak style machine and a wraparound case packer and offers a Connected Automation platform that securely communicates performance data and support to help optimize your production lines.

PACK EXPO Show Presence:

  • The CP eMerge Combo will be on display at the WestRock booth (#C-2023) in the Central Hall of the LVCC.
  • Additionally, Greg Magnell, Senior Vice President Box on Demand at WestRock, will present the new solution on Innovation Stage 1 on Tuesday, Sept. 28, 11:00-11:30 a.m. PST.

WestRock designed and developed a proprietary packaging solution, the Pak On Demand™ Pouch System, to respond to consumers’ shifting preference for sustainable packaging and the market’s desire to utilize a paper-based substrate to replace the mass use of flexible packaging (such as plastic and bubble mailers). Using innovative KD-Fold™ ─ a new tube format made of single-face corrugated fanfold – this next-gen on-demand packaging automation creates a lightweight, curbside recyclable pouch. The system automatically cuts a pouch and presents it open to insert item(s). A single operator then presses the release button and the machine finishes the process by sealing and labeling the package for shipment, making the process 6x faster than manual packing. This solution reduces labor costs and improves sustainability.

PACK EXPO Show Presence:

  • The Pak On Demand Pouch System will be on display at the WestRock booth (#C-2023) in the Central Hall of the LVCC.
  • Additionally, John Perkins, Vice President Global Packaging Systems, and Michelle Cooper, Senior Innovation and Automation Manager, will present the new solution on Innovation Stage 2 on Monday, Sept. 27, 4:00-4:30 p.m. PST.

Ideal for plastic replacement initiatives, the PFS 500 Small Format Tray Former is specifically engineered to provide consistent handling of performance matched corrugate and solid board materials and enables sustainable small format trays tills and punnets that perform well through production lines and distribution systems.

PACK EXPO Show Presence:

  • The PFS 500 Small Format Tray Former will be on display at the WestRock booth (#C-2023) in the Central Hall of the LVCC.

An intelligent right-sizing technology, BoxSizer® offers customers a fully automated packaging system that continuously right sizes packaging orders of single or grouped items by cutting down the height of multiple sized-boxes. This innovative solution only requires one operator and is ideal for B2B and B2C applications. By ensuring optimal DIM weight, the Boxsizer reduces or eliminates void fill and can help lower total carbon footprint, improving sustainability. The BoxSizer helps improve productivity, increases efficiency, maximizes truck space, and optimizes processes while creating an average savings of 80% less void fill, 50% less labor required and 30% volume reduction.

PACK EXPO Show Presence:

  • The BoxSizer® will be on display at the WestRock booth (#C-2023) in the Central Hall of the LVCC.

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