Canadian Packaging

WeighPack Redesigns Xpdius

February 11, 2009
by Canadian Packaging Staff

WeighPack Systems Inc. has released the new XPdius Elite.

Based on a re-designed XPdius brand of high speed vertical form fill seal machine, it now includes new features and benefits that greatly improves ease of cleaning and the serviceability of vertical bagging technology. Ideal for packaging a variety of applications including snack foods, pet food, meat, poultry, sea food, grains, powders, fresh and frozen produce, pharmaceuticals, baked goods and more.

The new XPdius Elite has an open, accessible machine design that allows easy access to all operating functions of the machine. No cluster, no hard to reach places and no third hand necessary to assist in servicing the machine, one can access all mechanics from four sides of the machine with no obstruction.

Featuring an easy-to-wind film roller assembly, film tracking that keeps film centered at all times and a film splicing table, the XPdius Elite now has an even quicker film changeover than the previous generation.

The film unwind is a motorized rubber pull roller on a direct drive shaft. No more motors hanging and resting on film making film changeover more difficult as well as eliminating film slipping at high speed.

The clamp on forming shoulder requires no tools for positioning and placement meaning changeover takes minutes.

The XPdius Elite uses two servo motor drives, one for the pull belt assembly and the other for the sealing jaws. The servos allows for higher speeds with repeatable results time and time again.

The auto retracting pull belt mechanism assures operator safety as does the jaw sensing device.

The hinged side control panel opens up to give a maintenance mechanic access to the inside mechanism of the machine, saving time and eliminates the need of a send person to assist repairing hard to get at components.

The XPdius Elite includes an articulating panel for the HMI—a feature sure to be appreciated by all machine operators as they adjust the HMI to appropriate eye level to operate the machine with comfort. The color touch screen stores all operating functions and is easy to read, understand and operate.

The cost effective XPdius Elite can run different plastics and produce a variety of bag types including gusset, pillow bags and daisy chain pouches. Bag size ranges from 2” to 12 inches wide to 18 inches long with the machine able to operate at speeds up to 120 bags per minute.