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General Multivac Multivac Vision System

Everything that needs to be controlled has to be measured first. For advanced packaging lines, these measuring tasks are completed with image acquisition and image evaluation systems. The new Multivac Vision System (MVS) can be used for both controlling packaging robots and quality control.

The MVS is an image acquisition and image evaluation system optimized for the particular hygienic and technical requirements in the packaging industry. The system is designed for hundred percent quality control at high speeds, which allows it to be integrated into a wide spectrum of automated packaging lines.

Consisting of an operating terminal, image processing software, an image acquisition unit and a lighting unit. The MVS can be integrated into the packaging machine or operated as a stand-alone device. In the first case, the MVS is controlled using the machine’s operating terminal and in second case, using the MVS’s own terminal.

The system records both natural surfaces and homogeneous surfaces of (printed) films and papers precisely and reliably. The evaluated information can be used to control further processes with Multivac control modules, like the Multivac Line Control

The Multivac Vision System is designed for both visual object recognition and object quality inspection. Object recognition includes both recognizing the object’s position and rotational position as well as classifying the object according to patterns, colors, surfaces and positions.

The quality inspection includes determining if a package is even present and if it is complete or completely filled or loaded. Furthermore, the MVS can check if the contents, label, etc. are in the correct position and if certain pack-specific elements are present or are in the correct form.

A typical application for the MVS is determining the position and the rotational position of the objects to be picked for a Pick & Place handling system and then transferring this information to the Pick & Place robot control. The vision system provides the robot control with reliable information so that the products can be placed precisely, even if their structure and geometry varies.

Another important application area for the MVS is final pack inspection. The packages are inspected for complete contents and for correct labeling and positioning of the label or the barcode, which is printed directly on the film. All packages that do not meet the requirements of a defined tolerance range are recognized and rejected.


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