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VC999 debuts new i-Series thermoformer

The new i-Series thermoformer utilizes a more advanced operating system adding to its ease of use.

January 9, 2012
by Canadian Packaging Staff

New from VC999 is the i-Series thermoformer, already being touted as the most advanced in the industry.

Featuring a new, more reliable PLC (programmable logic controller) platform, the thermoformer operates with the new i-Software design that helps navigate the HMI (human-machine interface) machine interface, on an industrial PC, with ease.

The new design also features a swing-arm mounted, 12.1 LED back-lit color monitor with an HMI Machine interface mounted in a IP65 stainless steel enclosure.

The system also operates on the Windows XPe operating system which further adds to its ease of operation with data back ups done via a USB memory stick. The PLC also has an intelligent Buss terminal system with diagnostics.

Intelligent and comprehensive zone specific safety design with PLC control is another innovative feature of the i-Series thermoformer. This new design allows for fewer connection points and less wiring resulting in reduced maintenance and easier troubleshooting for customers.

The ultra-high speed of the PLC is designed with a one-gigabyte Ethernet Field Buss CC link in an IE field that provides ten times faster communication than similar thermoformer models on the market today and provides control of remote I/O field devices with essentially no transmission delay.

A swing-arm mounted, 12.1 LED back-lit color monitor with an HMI Machine interface is a standard feature on the i-Series thermoformer from VC999.

The information management design of the new i-Series features production alarm data acquisition and data storage features that can be accessed via PC or a cellular device.

An industrial LAN router design allows the new i- Series to have remote Internet access. The router detects the IP address automatically.

The IP65 rated i-Cabinets are easy to access and strategically located at dedicated machine sections. The cabinet features a swing-out pneumatic panel for easy maintenance and its specially-designed i-Closing mechanism assures a tight closing, IP65 wash down rating.

The new i-Series has comprehensive training available at the VC999 manufacturing facility in Missouri or it can be provided on-site at the installation location. Maintenance and service is even easier with access to service manuals online, on CD or in print. Real-time assembly QA documentation, maintenance logs and service history are also available online.

The new i-Series even comes with its own SKYPE connection. A high-quality headset with microphone comes standard with each machine.

Videos and details on the i-Series are available at

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