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Two New Bags For Smoked And Processed Meats

By Canadian Packaging Staff   

General CNP310 Heavy Cryovac Cryovac CNZ660 Grip & Tear Sealed Air

Sealed Air Cryovac food packaging recently introduced two new bags specifically for smoked and processed meats.

The new Cryovac CNZ660 Grip & Tear cook-in bag allows for the quick and safe removal of the package at the processor level and is ideal for products such as roast beef, poultry and ham, which are exposed to further processing after being cooked.

As well, Cryovac food packaging also offers the CNP310 Heavy bag (see photo above), a new high-abuse post-pasteurization bag that allows for abrasive products such as brisket, fried turkey breast, open-rack cooked beef and products coated with coarse ground spices to be packaged in a clear, high-gloss and skin-tight shrink bag.

Grip & Tear
The Grip & Tear CNZ660 cook-in bag allows processors to  can quickly and safely remove cook-in bags without using knives or adding new equipment. The tough, heat-resistant, non-barrier, non-adhesion bag with Grip & Tear functionality is made from tough multi-layer coextruded material with high-shrink and high moisture barrier properties.

To strip the bag, workers insert fingers into two holes located on the bag’s header and pull apart opening it easily and consistently. To further ensure that the material has been fully removed from the product, the CNZ660 Grip & Tear  bag is pigmented blue for easy detection.

Processors will benefit from the CNZ660 Grip & Tear bag’s knifeless design as it reduces safety risks to workers and prevents products from being scored or punctured, which can lead to cross-contamination between items.

Post Pasteurization
For years, Sealed Air’s Cryovac food packaging has applied its cook-in bag technology to post-packaging heat treatment, or post-pasteurization,

Until recently, the heat tolerance and merchandising attributes of post-pasteurization bags were limited to whole muscle smoked and processed products, but the new CNP310 Heavy bag now allows this technology to be applied to more abusive smoked and processed products without sacrificing merchandising appearance. This includes items with hard, abrasive surfaces such as brisket, fried turkey breast, open-rack cooked beef and products coated with coarse ground spices.

Post-packaging heat treatments are used to reduce pathogens, control microbial counts and extend product shelf life. The Cryovac brand found that exposing the surface of a cured ham product to 96.11 C (205 F) for either one or two minutes could result in a 10- to 100-fold reduction of Listeria monocytogenes. The product is packaged in a cook-in bag that can be exposed to temperatures up to 98.89 C (210 F) for up to 10 minutes.

Processors benefit from the high-abuse post pasteurization bag’s high-speed sealing and ink adhesion, while retailers enjoy the high-gloss, clarity and skin-tight shrink of the bag. The CNP310 Heavy bag is available in side-seal, curved-seal and straight end-seal bag types.

For more information about the CNP310 Heavy bag and the CNZ660 Grip & Tear cook-In bag, visit or call 1-800-845-3456.


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