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TricorBraun customers put a new lid on it.

Customers find an increase in shelf impact with new dispensing lids.

October 18, 2013
by Canadian Packaging Staff

St. Louis—Increasingly, marketers are turning to innovative jars to help boost shelf appeal and differentiate their brands. With recent innovations in dispensing jar lids, these packaging solutions have become compelling.

Innovative jars and dispensing jar lids are a popular choice for marketers determined to bring convenient dispensing solutions to their categories and brands.

Several North American manufacturers have enhanced their stock offerings in order to compliment the innovative dispensing solutions which have been introduced over the past two years.

“Jars fitted with the new dispensing lids offer a distinct competitive advantage over more traditional jars and continuous thread closure solutions,” according to TricorBraun vice-president of corporate business development Becky Donner.

TricorBraun, one of North America’s largest suppliers of packaging solutions, is partnered with Alpha Packaging, Mold-Rite Plastics and Aptar Group, the industry’s leading jar and dispensing closure manufacturers, to offer the latest jar innovations.

New Sales Benefit
Jars with the new closures provide more shelf impact because they offer an opportunity for the logo or brand name to become part of the closure’s embellishment. A jar with the new closure also presents an elegant appearance, elevating it over kindred containers.

Enhanced consumer benefit
The innovative hinged lid fosters a consumer bond because its ergonomic, one handed opening has made it more convenient than traditional closures, and the cap will neither be dropped nor lost. New wiper seal technology, coupled with its wide mouth opening has made it neat to use, particularly with viscous products. The dispensing lid’s graceful appearance provides additional value in domestic surroundings.

Straightforward Marketing Benefit
The dispensing closures’ customizable options have made line extensions and new category introductions more practical to execute. For example, the Camelia dispensing lid offers bi-injected, two-color options and is recognized for its frost finish and soft, round design. Alternatively, the competitively priced Symphony lid is mono-injected, light weight and presents a sharp, classic design with a gloss finish. Dispensing lids are also available for an array of popular jars including the Firenze, Palermo, Tuscany and other straight side, wide mouth jars.

“The new closure coupled with the right jar is a match for personal care, food, baking, pharmaceutical and household products,” Donner says.

TricorBraun’s primary focus is on designing, sourcing and supplying bottles, jars and other rigid packaging components for personal care; cosmetics; health care; food and beverage; as well as industrial and household chemicals. It has more than 40 offices globally and has one of the largest inventories of rigid packaging components worldwide.

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