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Toppan USA Launches GL-EY

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Food Safety General Film GL-EY barrier film nylon-based transparent deposition film Toppan USA Inc.

GL-EY called the world’s highest level of barrier film for nylon-based transparent deposition film.

CHICAGO—Toppan USA, Inc. will launch manufacturing and sales of GL-EY barrier film in late June.

GL-EY boasts the world’s highest level barrier performance for a nylon-based transparent deposition film.

Due to its high physical strength, nylon is used in protective packaging and packaging for heavy items in the retail and food service sectors. Barrier performances provided by adding a barrier layer (aluminum or aluminum deposited onto PET—Polyethylene terephthalate), a printing substrate, and a sealing layer. This results in packaging with a three-or four-layer laminate structure.

GL-EY achieves high physical strength and barrier performance by applying Toppan’s outstanding transparent vapor deposition and coating technologies to a nylon substrate.

The ability to print directly on GL-EY means that the number of film layers can be reduced from three or four to two. This enables reductions in material volume, environmental impact, and costs.

GL-EY is already on sale in Asia, where it is used for sachets, as well as packaging for heavy items and medical and pharmaceutical goods. Toppan USA’s Georgia plant will now manufacture and sell GL-EY for the North, Central, and South American markets.

Toppan USA will market GL-EY for a range of packaging and other applications, including the following:

  • Heavy items for the retail and food service industries (seasonings, wine, oil, and sauces);
  • Foods that require durable packaging (sachets and liddings);
  • Medical and pharmaceutical products (outer packaging for IV bags);
  • Industrial materials (transparent balloons).

Toppan USA will expand GL FILM production to meet growing demand for flexible packaging in North, Central, and South America, as well as new products to its line-up of barrier films to respond to market needs.

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