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The Ultimate Biodegradable PackagingCompany believes it has created the first true green laminate for food industry.

December 17, 2009
by Canadian Packaging Staff

As part of a joint venture with Innovia Films and Sun Chemical, the U.K.-based firm, Ultimate Packaging Ltd. believes it has produced the next step in environmentally-friendly products with Ultigreen, a biodegradable and home compostable printed laminate for the food industry.

Using hybrid biodegradable inks, Ultimate Packaging has reverse-printed the film Natureflex and laminated the material using a unique biodegradable adhesive to metallized Natureflex.

Ultimate’s technical manager, Derek Gibson, explains "Until now, only a small coverage of standard inks could be used to enable products to pass the EN13432 standard and to be rated as biodegradable. The new Sun Chemical hybrid inks allow total print coverage on food packs and the biodegradable adhesive applied to bond these two Innovia materials means that this product can be classed as being made from totally biodegradable components.

"We selected a promotional tea design to prove that the newly developed biodegradable inks and adhesive were compatible and then printed the Ultigreen product on our recently commissioned Soma Imperia 10 colour press."

The new product development team at Ultimate is now working on further products using the new ink and adhesive technology to bring additional completely biodegradable and home compostable flexible films to their food industry customers.

"This really is an exciting development for us and we believe that it has enormous potential, says Chris Tonge, Ultimate Packaging Sales and Marketing Director. "It is only the first of several new products that will set our family-run business apart from our competitors."

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