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Automation Food Safety Bagging/Weighing Metal Detection 3D cameras MULTIPOND pre-weigher

3D cameras deliver basic data for intelligent reactions to changed product conditions of MULTIPOND multihead weighers.

Upon request, in the future MULTIPOND weighing systems will automatically keep a watchful eye on the optimum product flow. 3D cameras on the weighers, which are coupled to the controller, deliver data about the product on the distribution cone and vibration trays. The computer evaluates the information and initiates suitable measures by itself. MULTIPOND has patented this system.

With all MULTIPOND weighing systems, the pre-weigher already delivers information on the product quantity on the distribution cone. The patented 3D cameras now also indicate the location and quantity of the product on the distribution cone and the feed trays. The weigher can use the information supplied to respond, by activating certain individual feed trays for example. This allows overfills to be remedied quickly and automatically. Product gaps can also be detected and rectified. Moreover, residual product can be localized and automatically removed by taking suitable measures.

Perfect for products such as meat or salad

The benefit of the camera-monitored weigher is clear to see: thanks to the automated response to the image data, this system innovation guarantees a controlled filling of the weigh hopper. Optimizing the product flow achieves a more constant metering and hence more combinations. The result is a higher output and even more accuracy. This MULTIPOND innovation brings measurable improvements, especially for weighing difficult products such as meat or salad.


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