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The Multipack Solution from 3M continues to improve consumer experience, streamline retailer operations and grow manufacturers and retailers’ bottom lines.

ST. PAUL, Minn.—When it comes to multi-unit packaging, it is sometimes difficult to find a solution that meets everyone’s needs. Manufactures and co-packers are dedicated to making consumers’ lives easier while providing cost savings, and retailers strive to improve operations and turn products faster.

The Multipack Solution by 3M is a customizable solution for all.

Retailers have been particularly impressed by The Multipack Solution’s newest benefit, the ability to register print and cover the products’ original UPCs with a Multipack UPC, thereby safeguarding pricing accuracy and avoiding mis-scanning at the checkout counter.

Originally introduced by 3M in Oct. 2014, The Multipack Solution combines Scotch Clean Removal Multipack Tape with CEFMA packaging machines to replace materials currently used to bundle products such as bags, chipboard, trays and shrink wrap. The compact, energy- efficient CEFMA machinery provides full-line automation which helps enhance throughput and reduce costs.

Consumers have also welcomed this new solution to the marketplace. The unique adhesive formulation of the Multipack Tape enables manufacturers to securely bundle products without damaging them when the tape is removed.

Due to the tape’s repositionability feature, consumers are able to re-wrap their bundled products after the first use, making it easier to keep closets and pantries organized. In addition, the discreet adhesive highlights the primary packaging, and the high-quality custom printing grabs consumers’ attention. This allows manufacturers to better communicate their brand or promotional messaging directly to the consumer and differentiate their product on the shelf.

In addition to lowering material and labor costs, The Multipack Solution gives manufacturers and co-packers improved capabilities and flexibility. 3M offers the Scotch Multipack Tape in widths ranging from one to six inches, and the CEFMA machinery enables co-packers and manufacturers to bundle their products in any configuration (side-to-side, stacked, upright or custom). The CEFMA machinery can also pack multiple and varied sizes (up to 70 packs per minute), improving throughput and lowering overall costs.

The Multipack Solution provides retailers with retail ready packaging, making it easier for workers to load the product at the shelf. It also enables easy breakdown of bundled promotions. Finally, because The Multipack Solution reduces secondary packaging weight by up to 50 percent* and uses up to 96 percent less energy compared to shrink wrap*, it helps retailers reach their sustainability goals.

“3M takes pride in partnering with manufacturers to solve their packaging needs. The Multipack Solution provides advantages to manufacturers, co-packers, retailers and consumers,” said 3M business development manager Steve Doster. “The Multipack Solution has a dedicated team and resources available to our customers, and we look forward to working together to develop creative solutions to meet all of their packaging challenges.”

*Compared to shrink wrap and trays. Does not include full LCA comparison.
* * Compared to shrink wrap and tray forming machinery. Does not include full LCA comparison.

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