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Waunakee, WI—NORD Gear Corporation’s Smooth Surface Motor is now available for the North American market and for export to key global markets.

NORD Smooth Surface Motors include both the HM and HMT series.

The HM Series Motors are made from a high-strength, naturally corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, and can be supplied with a variety of protective coatings and finishes. Aluminum housings are particularly beneficial in car washes and food and beverage applications as they offer better heat dissipation, effectively reducing internal motor or gear unit operating temperatures while increasing component life and reliability compared to cast iron or steel.

HMT Series Smooth Surface Motors are supplied with NORD’s exclusive NSDtupH Sealed Surface Conversion System, and they can be offered as part of a wide range of integral gearmotor or motorized reducer solutions complete with NSDtupH. The product offering includes four continuous-duty, premium, efficient motor sizes ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 HP with an IEC B14 flange mount, and many options to configure as a NORD integral gearmotor assembly. Motor options are varied and include brakes, thermal overload protection, space heaters, potted terminal boxes, condensation drain holes, and connectivity solutions.

NORD Smooth Surface Motors are readily available and configurable with the NORDBLOC.1 Series Helical-Inline, 93.1 Series (2-Stage) Helical-Bevel and the SMI Series Worm gear units. Integral gearmotor options are available with a wide array of gear ratios and flexible mounting options.

NORD Smooth Surface Motors and gear units combine durability and compactness in a cost-effective, light-weight and easy to clean solution.

They are ideal for applications where sanitation and cleanliness are essential; such as food processing, bottling and pharmaceutical applications, as well as applications in damp and wet environments; such as wastewater treatment plants and coastal areas.

NORD NSDtupH product solutions have been field-proven to rival more costly stainless steel motors and options. NSDtupH is resistant to blistering, flaking and peeling, offers corrosion resistance across a wide pH range, and a surface that is 1000 times harder than paint.

Key features of NORD Smooth Surface Motors include:

  • Minimum IP66 ingress protection rating (increased protection available);
  • Threaded cable entry holes / lip seals on both shaft ends / sealed and gasketed terminal boxes;
  • Continuous Duty (S1) / Premium Efficient (IE3) / Non-ventilated (TENV);
  • Common voltages: 230/460-60 Hz, 332/575-60 Hz, 230/400-50 Hz, 460/690-50 Hz;
  • Inverter/vector duty insulation (rated per NEMA MG1-2011, section;
  • Moisture-resistant varnished dipped windings;
  • Optional NORD NSDtupH sealed surface conversion system.

For more information, contact the company at 608-849-7300; toll free at (888) 314-6673 or contact marketing specialist Ali Schneider via e-mail at, or visit


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