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Tetra Pak Launches OneStep Technology For Processing Aseptic White Milk

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From its global headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, Tetra Pak has released its OneStep technology, a Tetra Lactenso Aseptic solution that incorporates UHT (ultra high temperature) white milk production within a single, high-throughput process, combines heat treatment, separation and standardization thereby significantly simplifying and accelerating the production process.

OneStep technology eliminates the need for pasteurisation, pre-treatment and intermediate storage. In one unbroken step raw milk is preheated, clarified, separated, standardised and homogenized, before undergoing UHT treatment and regenerative cooling, and then being transferred to two aseptic buffer tanks. This shortens processing time from as much as two days to just a few hours, cutting operating costs by up to 50 per cent compared with conventional solutions.

In addition to shortening the processing time, OneStep technology also incorporates aseptic buffering, enabling completely automated and continuous UHT operations, with fewer process steps and smaller hold-up volumes in the line.

“The whole process is far more efficient than conventional solutions, creating significant savings when it comes to operating costs and greatly reducing the environmental impact,” says Bengt Eliasson, manager, Tetra Pak Dairy Aseptic Solutions. “And because a lot less equipment and floor space are needed, capital costs are also lower. It adds up to greater efficiency at lower cost.”

Tetra Pak OneStep technology can reduce energy and water consumption by up to 35 per cent, and cut waste and effluent load by as much as 60 per cent, thanks to better accuracy in chemical use during Cleaning in Place (CIP). These savings are estimated to reduce the carbon footprint of the production process by around 40 per cent. Furthermore, the streamlined process cuts product loss by up to 30 per cent compared to conventional UHT solutions, thanks to fewer process steps and smaller hold-up volumes in the line.

With the ability to change the fat content of milk products without stopping production – and to run milk with different fat contents at the same time – OneStep technology provides outstanding aseptic line flexibility, enabling efficient production planning and high utilisation of filling machines – with up to 100 per cent availability.

Eliasson sums up: "OneStep technology gives customers a shortcut to UHT milk production, maximizing both product quality and safety with hygienic design in every detail and full traceability and control of the line. And like all of our customised Tetra Lactenso dairy production solutions, our promise is backed by a validated performance guarantee."

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