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The CCMS device is designed for a fully automated operation

February 28, 2019   Canadian Packaging

Designed for measuring metallic coatings on both the finish and body regions of glass containers, the new Combined Coating Measurement System (CCMS) from Agr International, Inc. is designed to provide operators with a one-stop, single operation testing station for measuring tin oxide coatings applied to a container during the production process. In order to achieve maximum precision on finish and body measurements, the CCMS incorporates dedicated measurement heads for each of the finish and body regions. According to the company, one head is optimized to operate with the precision necessary for the limited area of the finish region, while the second head is configured for body measurements where larger areas and heavier coatings are typically encountered.

The advanced electronics of the system, in conjunction with dedicated measurement heads for finish and body, make it possible to precisely identify the presence of very small amounts of coating in the finish region while measuring heavier coating levels applied to the body of the container—all in one operation. The CCMS device is designed for fully automated operation, whereby the positioning of measurement heads—including vertical height location, container rotation and capture of measurement data—is performed in a single progression, without the need for operator intervention during the testing sequence.

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