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Strap Dispensers Nearly Double Coil Handling

January 22, 2009
by Canadian Packaging Staff

When steel strapping is the preferred method for package protection and reliability, Triangle Technologies Inc. of Streamwood, Illinois has developed unique solutions to accommodate the high volume, heavy-duty packaging needs of the primary & secondary metals, automotive, paper, tobacco, lumber and other industries.

Triangle Model 455 high capacity strap dispensing system utilizes jumbo size coils of steel strap, greatly reducing the frequency of coil changes in comparison to smaller 100-lb size coils. The Model 455 is available in 1,000-lb or 2,000-lb coil capacities.

The 455-1K dispenser accommodates coil weights up to 1000-lbs, the equivalent of 10 standard oscillated coils of strap, about 10 miles of strapping on a single coil. The use of 1,000-lb coils of strapping material requires 90 per cent fewer coil changes, thus directly reducing machine downtime, and proportionally increasing productivity.

The 455-2K dispenser accommodates jumbo coils up to 2000-lbs. Both systems accept coil face widths from 6-inches to 12-inches and strap widths from 3/8-inch to 2-inches, using available optional features.

The Model 455 dispenser utilize a back feeding accumulator specifically designed to work with all automatic strapping equipment, and is available as right- or left-handed dispensers. Teamed up with the optional Model 456 Skid Truck, the Model 455 also makes coil changes more ergonomically safe and efficient.

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