Canadian Packaging

Solution for Small Handling Systems

June 30, 2009
by Canadian Packaging Staff

With the new compact modules of installation sizes 9-70, Rexroth simplifies the handling of minor loads for pick-and-place tasks as well as for assembly and automation applications. The user can choose between ball screw (CKK) and toothed belt (CKR) as drive variants with equal connection sizes, analogue accessories and attaching parts. Rexroth delivers the ready-to-install linear modules with millimeter precision up to a maximum length of 600-millimeters for the ball screw design and up to a length of 1,500-mm for the toothed belt design.

The main body made of aluminum is only 70-mm wide and 32-mm high (including the table component), and comprises two ball rail systems that provide high precision and smoothness even at high traversing speeds. The ball rail systems guarantee a high load rating in all four load directions as well as a high degree of stiffness.

A gap ring made of PU strip acts as an outward sealing between the compact module with ball screw drive and the table component. Rexroth integrated an adapter interface with easy-2-combine properties into the table component.

The possibility of central relubrication of the guiding wagon and the ball screw drive from both sides of the main body or via the optional connecting plate of the table component significantly reduces maintenance costs. Alignment and the thread at the drive head simplify the assembly of the motor.

For the design with ball screw drive, the variants with pivots as well as with flange and coupling or belt transmission cover various assembly situations. In addition to the design with pivots, the compact modules with belt drive offer a design with hollow shafts with and without a second pivot as well as the adaptation of an ancillary transmission.

Different gear transmission ratios allow for the optimal adaptation of the external body to the inertia of the motor to each application. Reed and hall sensors which may be freely adjusted for the entire traverse path increase the flexibility within the handling range.

The compact modules seamlessly fit into the construction kit for handling systems, camoLINE. As complete axes with tuned servo drives, integrated brake and transmitters or 3-phase stepping motors as well as accordingly tuned drive controls, compact modules accelerate the construction and commissioning of customized handling systems.

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