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Should you buy a robotic palletizer now?

May 2, 2012   by Canadian Packaging Staff

AR-200 Series Robotic Palletizer

Premier Tech‘s Industrial Equipment Group, a global leader in innovative solutions for customized packaging, material handling and bulk processing solutions asks the important question: Is now the time to consider a robotic palletizer? – and then provides ways to determine the proper answer for you.

As small startup manufacturing businesses grow and increase production, it will inevitably look for ways to improve their operation. Physical labor has advantages of flexibility, human insight, and a relatively low up-front cost. Mechanical automation also has advantages – ergonomics, repeatability, and stamina to name a few. Each business must weigh the trade-offs between manual and automatic operations.

Many core industries: mineral, food, chemical, petfood, feed, seed, agriculture, and others use bags or sacks as a means of storing and transporting their products. Most operations start out stacking bags manually and then eventually end up with some form of automatic palletizing. When does a company make this shift to automation? What must be considered before making this change? This paper attempts to discuss these questions in light of the recent boom in robotic palletizing.

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For more information on Premier Tech, visit A Premier Tech White Paper describing how to avoid False Starts with an automated valve bagger can be found by clicking here: SOLVING FALSE STARTS

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