Canadian Packaging

Sealed Air’s New Rapid Fill Packaging System

January 14, 2009
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Packaging operations now have a faster and more effective void-fill solution with the Rapid Fill system from Sealed Air Corp., a leading global innovator and manufacturer of a wide range of packaging and performance-based materials and equipment systems that serve an array of food, industrial, medical, and consumer applications. The new automated system inflates a void-fill bag within an enclosed carton, offering maximum protection by minimizing movement of the package’s contents.

Available in six different sizes to meet a wide range of void-fill needs, Rapid Fill air bags have a one-way valve that allows air in but not out. The system enables a single operator to easily clip the Rapid Fill air bag to the inside corner of the carton, fold the carton flaps, and send it through the case sealer.

The carton briefly stops while traveling through the sealer, where air is automatically injected through the carton and into the air bag. The Rapid Fill system uses sensory technology to measure the exact amount of air needed to fill the void in the carton before it continues through the case sealer and down the conveyor line. The minimal amount of operator involvement required to run the Rapid Fill system increases productivity while decreasing the risk of damage.

“As a market leader in innovative protective packaging solutions, Sealed Air is continually looking for ways to save our customers money by minimizing labor, increasing throughput and reducing damage,” said Jeff Zahansky, business manager of automated packaging solutions for Sealed Air. “This system does just that by processing more packages without increasing labor.”

In addition to increased throughput and labor savings, the Rapid Fill system saves money on shipping costs, as it is the lightest void-fill available. Packagers operating the Rapid Fill system will also find it easier and faster than alternative void-fill methods, while consumers can benefit from the easy disposal of a single inflated bag versus multiple inflated bags.

The environmentally responsible aspects of the Rapid Fill system include waste reduction, reusability and recyclability. The system uses the least amount of material possible to achieve effective void-fill, and consumers can reuse the bag or recycle them by deflating bags and mailing the material to Ameri-Pak, Inc. and its Sealed Air recycling center in Fountain Inn, SC.