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Schneider Packaging & Lantech Integrate Palletizing/Wrapping

February 16, 2010
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Schneider Packaging Equipment and Lantech introduce the Stack and Wrap Palletizing/Stretch Wrapping Cell combining two or more lines into a centralized automated palletizing stretch wrapping station. The unique stack and wrap solution actually builds the unit load on the stretch wrapper which more efficiently handles and stabilizes lightweight, unstable loads in a reduced floor space.

The palletizing system was engineered by Schneider, and centers a FANUC robotic arm between two Lantech Q-600 stretch wrappers–xpedx, a Lantech distributor, identified how the machines should interface and initiated the collaboration between the parties.

While an automatic pallet dispenser and conveyor system delivers an empty pallet to each stretch wrapper, product is delivered from two production lines to the palletizing cell. The robotic arm builds layers of product on each of the wrappers. Once a predetermined number of cases are loaded onto the first pallet, the first wrapper stabilizes the load layers by applying stretch film. At this point the robotic arm begins building a load on the second stretch wrapper. This process repeats as the wrapper and robotic arm alternate building and wrapping the load in predetermined increments until the load is complete and product is discharged to a conveyor transfer system.

The system is designed to handle two different products simultaneously thus allowing the system to maintain high throughput during wrapping.

The Lantech Q-600 includes special logic and hardware for this design, as well as Lantech’s patented Pallet Grip load containment system to lock the load to the pallet for safe transport. For this application, the film is stretched at 250 per cent. So, 10 inches of raw film becomes 35 inches applied to the load.

The stack and wrap palletizing cell is highly configurable and has the ability to simultaneously palletize uniquely different lines with different size and type products. Using fast and highly flexible FANUC robotic arms, Schneider customizes a wide range of end-of-arm tooling that enables the complete consolidation of case, tray or bag lines onto one central palletizing system.

Pallet loading and exchange operate automatically for continuous production. Schneider configures each multi-line input and output solution palletizer to meet the customer’s specific floor plan, product requirements, and operational needs.

In addition to providing Schneider Packaging with the Lantech stretch wrapping equipment, xpedx engaged Lantech to provide the engineering resources necessary to make the project a success. The company also provided technical service during systems integration, and the start-up and training portion of the design.

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