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The new TwinSAFE safety controllers Automation are designed to permit optimum adaptation

March 25, 2019   Canadian Packaging

Designed for more modular and scalable distributed safety applications, the new TwinSAFE safety controllers from Beckhoff Automation are designed to permit optimum adaptation to the specific safety requirements of individual machine concepts.

According to Beckhoff, the ability to distribute the intelligence of an entire safety application across multiple TwinSAFE Logic-capable I/O modules means flexible implementation of increasingly modular architectures. With the new Beckhoff safety controllers based on the established terminal, it is possible to adapt the TwinSAFE EL6910 TwinSAFE Logic system even more specifically to the exact requirements of a machine concept as well as to a broader spectrum of programmable safety applications.

The new I/O components include:

  • EL1918 TwinSAFE EtherCAT terminal: a digital terminal with eight safe inputs;
  • EL2911 TwinSAFE EtherCAT terminal: safe potential supply terminal with four safe inputs and one safe output;
  • EP1957-0022 TwinSAFE EtherCAT box: IP67-protected digital combination module with eight safe inputs and four safe outputs.

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