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Rexroth Expands Its Range of Modular Directional Valves

January 22, 2009
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Rexroth has introduced a new size to its range of modular directional valves—designed for workflows between zero and 25 liters per minute (lpm) and for working pressures of up to 310 bar. The valves are very compact as well as zinc plated to cope with harsh working environments encountered by mobile machines.

The new size completes the manufacturer’s comprehensive range of modular directional valves, which now covers workflows between 50 and zero liters per minute. Although based on NG4/NG6 technology, the valves avoid sub-plates and are easily tailored to workflow requirements – particularly when compared to standard CETOP solutions.

The modularity allows the number of sections to be expanded as needed when more functionality is needed for the machine. The individual sections come in different size options within one common interface. This makes the valves more cost-effective since customers can choose the appropriate size according to the actual flow required.

The modular valve design accommodates sections with integrated load sensing, as well as other integrated functions such as check valves, relief valves and counterbalance valves, flow regulators, emergency hand levers and emergency hand pumps. This allows customers to build customized and compact solutions while benefitting from the cost and quality advantages of standard components.

A variety of portings and coil connections are available. This line of sectional valves can also connect to Rexroth power modules and integrated control blocks with cartridges and other valves to create hybrid systems.

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