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Pentawards 2009: Global Packaging Results

October 14, 2009
by Canadian Packaging Staff

The international jury of Pentawards, the first world competition devoted exclusively to packaging design, recently announced its winners for 2009. The purpose of the Pentawards is to reward creations from all markets, from everyday consumer articles to luxury goods. 

The Kleenex Slice of Summer” boxes, presented by Kimberly-Clark USA, won the prestigious Diamond Pentaward, Best of the Show 2009.

The Platinum Pentawards, conferred on the best packaging in 5 major categories, are:

“For this third edition, we registered more than 750 entries from 39 countries,” explains Brigitte Evrard, co-founder of the Pentawards. “The leading packaging design agencies, mainly in England, France, the USA and Japan, participated in large numbers.  We also received entries from leading packaging producers and brand owners such as Kimberly Clark, Colgate Palmolive, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Sony, Aekyung, Suntory, Bic, Remy-Cointreau, and more."

Thirty-one Gold Pentawards were attributed, as were Silver and Bronze Pentawards. All the cited creations can be viewed at