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Packaging becomes interactive thanks to StealthCode technology

Based on Digimarc Barcode technology, SteathCode technology helps packaging become interactive.

February 12, 2018   by Canadian Packaging staff

Imagine a packaging that is unique, safe, anti-counterfeiting, design-oriented, that can also tell a story of its own.

But it’s not a dream, not a hoax, not an imaginary story. Tubettificio Favia of Italy now offers its customers a new solution that turns aluminum tubes into interactive packaging.

StealthCode is an interactive and dynamic solution based on Digimarc Barcode technology, distributed in Italy by BeeGraphic, a leader company in services to the global packaging industry.

The generated code is unique, it can’t be duplicated and is protected by sophisticated IT systems that protect its authenticity, preventing it from being read if it’s not compliant with the required standards. This discourages counterfeiting attempts, offering additional defense for the protection of the product.

The code can refer directly to any type of digital content: a website, a social media page or profile, or any other media or augmented reality content, which can be updated and changed in real time.

A synergy that makes ToBeUnique … even more unique!
StealthCode technology is combined with ToBeUnique digital printing, an exclusive method from Favia that involves the aluminum body of the tube and the plastic cap in one printing process.

Thanks to StealthCode, ToBeUnique is even more unique.

Possible applications include:

  • Food Industry: the tube “links” to a food blog or to a video recipe, or even to a page with some advice for the correct use of the product or its storage;
  • Cosmetic Industry: the tube refers to a beauty blog or webpage, to a video of make-up tips;
  • Pharma: the app allows you to go beyond the classic “patient information leaflet”, linking to a page with medical advice for the correct use of the drug or for leading a healthy and active life.

StealthCode advantages
The code is invisible to the human eye, what Favia calls a step forward from the QR Code, calling the QR Code invasive in terms of design, and is difficult to read if printed on small or non-linear surfaces (like a small-surface tube).

With StealthCode, everything changes: the code is printed on the entire surface of the tube, and there is no need to focus on a spot.

StealthCode can also be combined with any design or printing technique.

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