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Next up for Pepsi…

U.S. rollout for Pepsi Next coming in 2012.

November 21, 2011
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Following a successful test of Pepsi Next in Iowa and Wisconsin, cola giant PepsiCo Inc. has announced plans to sell the beverage throughout the United States beginning in April 2012.

The new Pepsi Next is a 60-calorie drink in a 12 ounce can, compared to the 150-calorie option provided by the regular Pepsi-Cola soft drink, it’s flagship cola.

According to Pepsi, Pepsi Next was created for consumers who are looking to cut back on sugar consumption, but would rather not drink zero-calorie colas because of its less than full-flavored taste profile.

Back in 2004, the company had released its Pepsi Edge low-calorie beverage, but it failed to catch on with consumers, forcing its retirement a year later.

But this time, the company says Pepsi Next exceeded its test expectations, with tested consumers saying it tastes better than other similar low-calorie colas, with differing ingredients and a different sweetener system.

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