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New vacuum lift designed for express handling

Starquip offers the versatile Vaculex TP vacuum lift system to can help productivity increase.

June 26, 2012
by Canadian Packaging Staff

If you’ve been looking for a higher productivity from your lifting system, the Vaculex TP is the solution.

The new and unique Vaculex TP vacuum lift has been specially designed for express handling type of work.

Vaculex lifts are able to handle a great variety of products in size, shape and weight and it can even attach from any side and rotate either the lift or the load 360⁰ to fit where needed.

Vaculex is used for lifts between 30- and 200-kilograms, meaning that objects which are too heavy or too difficult to grip for one person are easily handled using the lift system. Its vacuum tube lift works comfortably to match body movement – place the Vaculex on the object and lift it, move it and put it down.

While all Vaculex lifts are usually powered by an electric pump, other methods such as compressed air can be used.

Easy to install, the lift is normally mounted on a swinging or overhead traveling crane.

As a safety feature, the Vaculex suction feed cups always have the correct dimensions to match the diameter of the lifting tube. If the foot is not firmly attached, the object cannot be lifted. If the vacuum pump stops, an ingenious non-return valve maintains the vacuum to enable the load to be lowered in a controlled manner.

Thanks to the smoothness of operation, a naturally high tempo of lifting can be achieved – and all without placing undue physical demands on the worker. Not only does this increase  productivity, but workplace injury is reduced—not to mention safer material handling that minimizes product damage.

Toronto-based Starquip Industrial Products Ltd. is the authorized Canadian dealer of Vaculex AB, a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality lifting systems headquartered in Sweden with offices in China, the U.K. and the U.S.

For more information on the Vaculex line of lifters, call 416-286-7116 or visit

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