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New Thermal Tech Discreetly Scans Elevated Body Temperatures to Safeguard Workplaces Amid COVID-19

By Kendra Titley   

Food manufacturing plants can benefit from the innovative iLobby FeverCheck™ technology that seamlessly identifies individuals who pose potential health risks to your facility

Toronto, ON, July 20, 2020 – With a recent study showing that employees are concerned about COVID-19 exposure at work, a leading tech company has launched an innovative smart tool to safeguard workplaces by automatically and discreetly scanning the body temperature of staff and visitors at sign-in, before they enter the facility.

iLobby FeverCheck™ features a high-precision, smart thermal camera that accurately scans for elevated body temperature – a common symptom of COVID-19 – in seconds as part of the regular sign-in process, and flags people who might present a health risk. Rather than sounding bells and singling people out when an individual has fever symptoms, though, the system protects their privacy by unobtrusively sending an instant notification to security or management, who can deny access if necessary.

“As businesses continue to reopen, the added layer of monitoring the temperature of anyone entering your premises will be a critical first line of defence to minimize risk to staff,” said iLobby CEO Ariel Mashiyev, explaining that his company’s development team works closely with manufacturers and corporate clients who have thousands of people walking through their doors each week.

Mashiyev said an additional benefit of the game-changing technology in this new normal is that it not only enables businesses to automate logging of who is coming in and out of their facilities in order to protect the health of staff, but it also allows for easier contact tracing should there be any identified COVID-19 cases.

What makes the technology so unique, he explained, is that it’s able to deliver precise body temperature readings using intelligent technology that can zero-in to focus only on the person signing in, and is unaffected by external factors such as indoor temperature or a hot cup of coffee in a person’s hand.

“The problem with many off-the-shelf solutions is that they don’t have this degree of accuracy, and can falsely single people out,” Mashiyev said, adding that they’re also often intrusive, publicly displaying a person’s information on a large screen, for example. “Not only do these methods breach confidentiality of private health information, but they have minimal value-add to the safety of the workplace,” he said.

Based on FDA and IEC guidelines, iLobby FeverCheck safeguards sensitive data by keeping it confidential and protecting personally identifiable information.

iLobby FeverCheck integrates seamlessly into iLobby’s flagship visitor sign-in technology, iLobby Visitor Management System – used by thousands of businesses worldwide. Combined with the system’s other COVID-19 add-on features, such as Touchless Sign-inTM and COVID-19 Questionnaires, the iLobby platform offers the most comprehensive solution for fully automated COVID-19 screening in the workplace.

For food manufacturers, iLobby helps meet requirements for compliance such as food safety and Good Manufacturing Practice regulations by tracking and verifying visitors arriving at their facilities, and automatically generating comprehensive reports for audits.

To learn more about iLobby FeverCheck, visit the product page or call 1-855-5-iLobby to schedule a free demo.

About iLobby®
iLobby is a global leader in enterprise visitor management, trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide to track, manage and monitor who is in their building. The iLobby Visitor Management System has become an integral part of day-to-day operations in organizations such as major banks, international airports, government and Fortune 500 companies. iLobby CEO Ariel Mashiyev was recently recognized as the Scotiabank “Entrepreneur of the Year” by the Canada Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CANIE) Awards, which celebrate excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship. To learn more about iLobby, visit


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