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March 3, 2010
by Canadian Packaging Staff


The newly-released 3D-Locate from Cognex Corporation is a library of 3D (three-dimensional) vision software tools designed to expands application possibilities in vision-guided robotics, assembly, and inspection by accurate, real-time, three-dimensional position information that enables automation equipment to work with a wider variety of parts, including items that are stacked or tilted. According to Cognex, using 3D-Locate can improve vision performance for challenging applications such as logistics, robot-guided de-palletizing and precision assembly, while eliminating the need for expensive mechanical fixtures or measurement devices. The 3D-Locate uses multiple sets of two-dimensional features found by Cognex’s patented geometric pattern matching tool PatMax—which tolerates non-uniform lighting and remains reliable even when patterns are partly covered to ensuring accurate part location, and it can also use input from other Cognex location tools such as SearchMax and PatFlex to help determine part orientation. The Application performance is further enhanced by high-precision Cognex calibration tools that adjust for optical distortion and camera position, and synchronize cameras with moving elements like robot grippers—key to the success of any 3D application. 

Also designed for use in combination with Cognex code reading, gauging, and inspection tools, the 3D-Locate can also be used in:



Conceived  as a complete machine automation solution to enable OEMs to move quickly and seamlessly move from concept to a superior optimized machine, the new Kollmorgen Automation Suite from Kollmorgen comprises highly intuitive software and best-in-class motion components to enable industrial design engines to simplify and shortens the machine design cycle, while improving machine performance. Commencing with collaboration between an experienced Kollmorgen expert and the machine-builder to generate a roadmap for the machine—the Kollmorgen Automation Suite is then used to program and refine most automated functions, including line shafting, gearing and camming by incorporating the specified Kollmorgen components such as software, controls, HMI, I/O, drives, motors and all the mechanical components. According to the company, Kollmorgen Automation Suite represents a major breakthrough for programming multi-axis synchronized motion by replacing extremely complex coding with drag-and-drop functionality of innovative Pipe Network programming solution, which can program the motion and create settings simply by describing functions and the relationships between components using pre-tested graphical description blocks. Enabling machine-builders to work within a single programming environment, Kollmorgen Automation Suite is fully-supported throughout the design process by Kollmorgen experts to provide start-up and troubleshooting assistance, development and onsite deployment, development of the machine automation program and peripheral program development, and customized training—either at Kollmorgen’s training center or at the machine-builder’s facility.

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