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New Sensor Technologies

May 25, 2010
by Canadian Packaging Staff


The new high-performance W15 series photoelectric sensors from SICK utilize the company’s third-generation custom ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) chip that incorporates OES3 technology to provide exceptional background suppression at an extended range by enabling the W15 to ignore stray background reflections, detect multi-colored/shiny objects without false trips, and provide high immunity to ambient light. Designed to provide flush mounting to reduce set-up time and prevent the disruption of product flow, the W15’s advanced background suppression technology makes it especially well-suited for a variety of applications in the packaging, material handling, and food and beverage industry applications.


Boasting advanced background suppression technology, the new PD112 long-range diffuse photoelectric sensor from Carlo Gavazzi is capable of detecting black objects at distances up to two meters, and white and grey objects at up to 2.5 meters. Using triangulation technology, the PD112 can be easily and precisely adjusted via a 28-turn potentiometer—enabling the user to fine-tune the sensor to detect the target at the desired distance, while completely ignoring reflective objects only millimeters beyond. Carrying both UL and CE approvals, the PD112 is packed with features that make it simple to use and highly versatile.  Each model has both NPN and PNP output, which is automatically detected by the sensor when wired, while the normally open or normally-closed output can be selected via a dip switch—with  two adjustable timers (one to 16 seconds) for ON and OFF delay allow users to configure a fully-customized solution. Moreover, the PD112 sensor’s innovative mode operation selection allows it to operate either in a traditional industrial mode—accommodating various packaging, wrapping, material handling and wood processing applications—or in a “door” mode for detecting people and objects around automatic doors.

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