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New MVS seal seam scanner from Multivac

New inspection system from Multivac checks seal seams reliably with an impressive scanning range.

July 31, 2012
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Multivac Marking & Inspection has launched the new MVS seal seam scanner—a new inspection system that checks the  quality of seal seams reliably during the packaging procedure itself meaning product recalls can be avoided as faulty packs are detected before they are dispatched.
An immediate inspection of the seal seams optimizes the packaging procedure and the quality of the product which protects the brand and actually leading to cost savings.
Because the seal seams of packs have to be sufficiently secure and free of foreign bodies to ensure that a food or medical product is safely packaged, a secure seal seam protects the product against loss of nutrients and aroma as well as against rapid spoilage.
The MVS scans the seal seams while they are still in the thermoforming packaging machine.
“The film, and therefore also the seal seam, is fed and held very precisely in the packaging machine. The line scan camera can even focus reliably on seal seams in flexible film or other pliable materials,” says Multivac Marking & Inspection technical manager Dr. Hendrik Frank. “In contrast to transport conveyor systems, on which the products can jump around, the inspection level remains precisely fixed. This lack of dependence on the film material, combined with the increased security during image taking, show how sensible it is to integrate the seal seam inspection into the packaging procedure itself. ”
The inspection is fully automatic, captures 100 per cent of all packs and is performed without any contact, which means that it is wear-free. The new seal seam scanner detects foreign bodies in the seal seam from a size as small as 0.5 square millimeter, as well as detecting incomplete seal seams or seal seam faults such as creases or bubbles.
The MVS is suitable for all film materials, though at least one of the two films must be transparent.

Outstanding technology, simple integration

The MVS can scan from a range of up to 700 millimeters while the rapid image processing of the scanner ensures that there is a high level of throughput. The line scan camera is integrated in the thermoforming packaging machine, as is the lighting, the brightness of which can be adjusted.
A further advantage of the MVS is its small space requirement. The space required to install it in the thermoforming packaging machine is only 60 centimeters in length.

Reliable operation – high level of efficiency

No additional transport conveyor system is required for the operation within the packaging machine, as it can be easily retrofitted to existing machines. Maintenance-free, the MVS also supports the traceability of packs, since it has an image archive of faulty products complete with time signature as well as a machine logbook.
The operation of the MVS is supported via the control terminal of the thermoforming packaging machine. Functions such as recipe management and pack traceability are integrated in the line-motion control of the packaging machine.
The images – for example live images or “not OK” images – are displayed in real time. New products can be set up and optimized offline. Multivac Marking & Inspection also offers remote support for setting up the image processing.

About Multivac Canada Inc.

Multivac is the leading manufacturer of thermoform fill-seal rollstock packaging solutions, chamber vacuum pouch sealers, traysealers, shrink tanks, and both cross web and inline labelers for food, medical and consumer product applications. From its Canadian office, located in Woodbridge, Ont., the company provides strategic consultation, technical design, sales, distribution, and service of Multivac’s complete line of packaging systems. Multivac maintains a comprehensive on-site parts inventory, and offers 24/7 technical assistance and certified training for its entire line of equipment. To date, the company has designed and implemented over 100,000 packaging solutions. Multivac is accessible via the Internet at

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