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New generation high-speed barcode reader now available from KEYENCE

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Automation Food Safety General Coding & Labeling KEYENCE CANADA Inc. packaging traceability SR-2000 Series barcode reader

The SR-2000 series barcode reader simplifies traceability.

KEYENCE has released the next generation of fixed mount barcode reader, the SR-2000 Series.

The SR-2000 has 2x larger field of view, 2x depth of field, and 2x reading speed capability compared to conventional barcode readers.

SR-2000 is also equipped with built-in 14 LED lights, a high sensitivity CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) sensor and a polarizing filter to capture optimized image for better readability.

This eliminates the most common barcode reading issues such as:

  • low contrast;
  • improper reading position;
  • marking inconsistency;
  • reflective/curved surfaces.

Other product features of the SR-2000 Series are:

  1. multiple code reading;
  2. auto-focus/auto-tuning;
  3. user-friendly software;
  4. compatible with various communication protocols.

This new code reader will simplify traceability.

For more information about the SR-2000 Series, contact KEYENCE CANADA Inc. via e-mail at, call toll-free: 1-888-539-5979, or visit the company website at


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