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New Fortress metal detector intercepts wet product signals

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Automation Metal Detection Fortress Technology Ltd. Interceptor metal detection system

The Interceptor metal detector launched by Fortress Technology is taking wet food inspection to a new level of sensitivity.

Conquering the longstanding challenge of ‘product effect’ caused by moisture and minerals, the Interceptor metal detection system from the privately-owned Toronto-based Fortress Technology Ltd. is specifically designed to inspect conductive applications, including meat, poultry and seafood, cheese, desserts, ready meals, bakery items and fortified cereals, helping to eliminate false rejects.

This revolutionary operation facilitates an improvement in detection capabilities of up to 100 percent with stainless steel, especially when inspecting traditionally difficult “wet” products or using metalized film during processing. In real terms, halving the test sample sphere size to 0.5mm equates to picking up a wire length contaminant of 25mm.

Rather than tuning into specific frequencies, the Interceptor cuts out background interference caused by product effect, tackling the issue of false positive readings in wet and conductive products that lead to high product rejects. By splitting and simultaneously analyzing the low-frequency and high-frequency signal, the Interceptor can clearly differentiate between the signal generated by the product as a result of moisture or mineral content (for example salt that’s prevalent in bacon) and any metal contaminant. The result is a more reliable and accurate reading regardless of size, shape and orientation of metal particles.

Single pass learning and 100 percent improvement in stainless steel detection sensitivity are among the benefits of the Interceptor range.

Interceptor units can be deployed in different locations on the production and packing line, including apertures customized to a given conveyor, pipeline configurations for pumped product applications, such as sausage meat, or gravity systems for powders.

For ease of use, the Interceptor learns and recalls the signature of any given product with just one pass. FM Software is integrated, bringing a predictive element to the analysis of signals from the metal detector.

Customers can choose either Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections for easy and accurate data collection. To reduce the risk of human error when manually testing the performance of the detection system, Halo automatic testing can be added.

Standing by the company’s ‘Never Obsolete’ commitment, customers with an existing Fortress metal detector can easily upgrade to the very latest processing unit and software and integrate the new coil structure that the Interceptor’s accuracy is dependent on.

Being IP69K-rated, the Interceptor range is resistant to water ingress and dust, ensuring long-term reliability and performance in heavy processing and washdown environments, for example bakeries, meat and seafood plants.

Moving ever closer to the performance of X-Ray but at a much lower capital investment, the Interceptor also reliably detects the range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including aluminum. For bulk meat cuts or cheese products, where variations in density pose a challenge to X-Ray, the Interceptor is the only sure option for the detection of metal contaminant.

Interceptor at a glance

  • Highly accurate with stainless steel in ‘wet’ products;
  • 100 percent increase in detection sensitivity;
  • Simultaneous multi-frequency operation identifies product effect (most noticeable at lower frequencies) eliminating from the higher-frequency signal, where potential effect of the metal is more prominent;
  • Never Obsolete commitment extends to the processing unit and software on existing Fortress systems.

Fortress Technology is the only metal detection manufacturer that, since its inception in 1996, custom manufactures metal detectors to suit its customers’ needs, application and specification while ensuring optimal performance.

Renowned in the industry for their speed, accuracy and simple operation, Fortress systems are used widely within a range of food industry sectors including bakery, meats, ready meals, dairy, confectionery, fresh foods, frozen foods.

In real terms, a 0.5mm change in test sample sphere size equates to 25mm in wire length.

In addition to product manufacture, the company offers a range of before and after sales service and support services including consultation, product testing, training, preventative maintenance plans, spare parts and validation visits. Fortress is a global enterprise providing worldwide coverage from its manufacturing facilities in Canada, the UK, and Brazil. More information at


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