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New Doctor Blade System For TRESU Royse

February 18, 2010
by Canadian Packaging Staff

TRESU Royse Inc., a subsidiary of TRESU A/S, the world’s largest manufacturer of chamber doctor blade systems and devices has recently installed a new UniPrint Combi pressurized Doctor Blade System for use on all new sheetfed, web and Flexo presses and retrofit applications.

The greatest single advantage of this new pressurized chamber technology is that it prevents air from building up in the chamber cavity and the end result is that no foam is allowed to build up in the coating supply container. This technology is available whether a press is operating with either UV or water based coating material even when running at press speeds over 16,000 sph (sheets per hour).

“TRESU is the only chamber doctor blade manufacturer that is able to demonstrate this technology in operation in the marketplace capable of producing such desirable results”, says Scott Hibbs, TRESU Royse vice-president. “And, with some sheetfed press manufacturers now able to eclipse running speeds of 18,000 sph, TRESU is well positioned with this new technology, making it available to printers who have been struggling with this problem in the field.”

TRESU pressurized chambers are now factory-installed on all Heidelberg XL105 presses.

First U.S. Installation

TRESU Royse recently made its first U.S. installation of the new pressurized chamber blade technology on a Mitsubishi V3000LX-6 6-color sheetfed press in the demo room of MLP USA, Inc., in Lincolnshire, Ill.

The installation included a TRESU Royse L30 Combi coating circulator to provide the capability of printing with either water based or UV coating materials.

By integrating the TRESU Royce pressurized system along with the L30 Combi coating circulator into MLP USA’s press, it enables them to print while maintaining a consistent film weight thickness applied to the substrate which is a critical aspect when printing with UV making it possible to control other fundamental aspects associated with the application of printing and coating with UV materials.

The UniPrint Combi has improved features that allow the chamber system to be removed from the press quickly to simplify maintenance issues such as blade and seal changes. Also, the next generation of L-series coating pumps have a ‘Windows”’-based operating system, and additional features that makes it more operator friendly and streamlined operating functions that promote up-time, leading to greater profitability for printers.

For more information, contact Scott Hibbs, vice-president of TRESU Royse via e-mail at, or phone at 214-774-1610 or visit the Web-site at