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New dimension to tamper-resistant packaging

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The SureStrip from Tri-Star Packaging offers a new range of tamper-resistant containers.

Tri-Star Packaging, the U.K.’s leading supplier of packaging and disposables to the food and drink market. has launched a ground-breaking range of tamper-resistant containers designed to offer consumers complete confidence when buying salad and deli items out-of-home.

The new Tri-Pack with SureStrip containers feature the cutting-edge built-in SureStrip tamper-resistant system.

This mechanism, created by Sabert Corporation (headquartered in Sayreville, New Jersey), is incorporated into the container lids, eliminating the need for cafés and other food-to-go business operators to use separate tamper-resistant sealing equipment providing customers a peace-of-mind while cutting costs related to labor, machinery and materials.

Tri-Pack with SureStrip containers are manufactured from high clarity rPET (recycled polyethylene terephtalate) offering a customers a great view of the food as they browse the shelves or refrigerated aisles at the grocery.

The containers are leak-resistant and stackable for ease of storage, and are available in five sizes: 250ml, 375ml, 600ml, 750ml and 1-liter, with one lid size to fit all bases to reduce inventory requirements.

Because the tamper-resistant SureStrip system is built into the lids, it works perfectly every time, helping to reduce costly wastage caused by customers rejecting containers where the tamper resistant seal appears to have failed.

Research conducted in January 2012 by Sabert, the packaging company that developed the SureStrip technology, found that 77 percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product if tamper resistance is present, but 60 per cent would decide not to purchase something when a tamper resistant seal has been noticeably damaged.

Tri-Star managing director Kevin Curran says “Food safety is uppermost in everyone’s minds, and that includes when shopping for salads and deli items to eat on-the-go. Tamper resistance is the perfect way to ensure customers feel secure when purchasing from your café or food-to-go shop, and tamper resistance doesn’t come any better than Tri-Pack with SureStrip.”

Continuing, Curran adds, “The tamper-resistant design is built right into the lid. Once you place your food into one of our Tri-Pack with SureStrip containers, you just snap on the lid to secure it. When consumers want to open the package, all they have to do is pull off the strip that’s built into the edge of the lid, just as you would a shrink band, and open it right up.

“This new feature secures freshness and eliminates the need for heat sealing and shrink banding equipment. The combination of simplicity and savings makes Tri-Pack with SureStrip the perfect solution for locking out tampering and locking in profits while preserving your reputation as a seller of delicious and safe food.”

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