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Multivac's new Chamber machines and Thermoformers

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General Flexibles Baseline thermoformers Chamber machines F 100 F 100 Baseline F 200 F 200 Baseline F 300 F 400 thermoformers

Six new machines make up Multivac's new Baseline catalogue designed with small- and medium-sized businesses in mind.

Designed specifically with the small to medium-sized businesses in mind, Multivac has built created the economical Baseline series, currently consisting of six machines built with same exacting company standards, but with a lower price tag.

The Baseline series includes:
Chamber Machines
P 100
P 200
P 300
P 400

F 100
F 200

At the recent 2013 Process Expo in Chicago, Multivac demonstrated the F 100 and F 200 thermoformers and the P 200 and P 400 chamber machines.

The P series chamber machines all look similar in design and offer the usual benefits:

  • stainless steel housing;
  • transparent acrylic chamber lids;
  • automatic progressive ventilation;
  • double-seam separation sealing;
  • sloping insert and filling plates;
  • vacuum quick-stop;
  • three program memory slots for recipes.

The P 400 is the largest of the series and the only one to be free-standing—the others are table-tops.

The F series thermoforms are engineered to the same standards as every other Multivac, with the same safety guidelines, hygienic designs, energy efficiency integration options and ergonomic design. What makes it special is the smaller footprint.

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