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Multisorb Intros New Hi-Speed Canister Dispenser

October 15, 2009
by Canadian Packaging Staff

Multisorb Technologies of Buffalo, NY, a leader in active packaging technologies, has introduced its new APA-9000 high-speed canister dispenser for healthcare product packaging applications.

The APA-9000 dispenses Multisorb’s extensive line of high-performance sorbent canisters, including SorbiCap, Multiform CSF and StabilOx, offering an integrated system solution to customers. This system lends productivity and efficiency to packaging operations, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Capable of dispensing up to 325 canisters per minute, the high-speed, automatic APA-9000 boosts production speeds to help manufacturers bring their products to market faster. The dispenser can be customized to run in a variety of lines including bottling, VFFS (vertical form, fill/seal baggers), flow wrapper, thermoform and pouching machinery, offering considerable manufacturing flexibility.

Equipped with Rockwell Automation‘s Allen-Bradley PLC (programmable logic controller) for enhanced automation, the APA-9000 incorporates dual gravity feed bowls, which are fed from dual respective hoppers with a cleated conveyor and offers FIFO (first in-first out) dispensing control. Each hopper is designed to accommodate a full 4,000 canisters from a single pail or box for high-volume production runs.

Each gravity feed bowl is run alternately to ensure FIFO control and to minimize exposure and related loss in capacity of the sorbent canisters. For bottling applications, the APA-9000 dispenser offers a servo-motor operated bottle indexing screw to ensure precision in operation.

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