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Machine performance analytics from Rockwell Automation brings OEM expertise into producer’s digital environment

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Cloud-based system from Rockwell Automation provides intuitive access to machine information.

MILWAUKEE—The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has increased the availability of information throughout the enterprise by orchestrating data from multiple sources and applying machine-learning applications. But the power of new IIoT tools to improve machine performance is limited when those with access to information are not experts on the machine, leaving powerful machine information untapped.

To better connect industrial producers with expertise outside their production environment, Rockwell Automation Inc. offers the FactoryTalk Analytics for Machines Cloud for OEMs (original equipment manufacturer). Cloud-enabled analytics provide machine data organized in intuitive dashboards that pull from machines deployed across the globe.

“By bringing the expertise of OEMs into a producer’s ecosystem, smart machines perform better, and critical process anomalies can be quickly resolved,” says Rockwell Automation product manager Todd Smith. “Cloud-based machine analytics give OEMs real-time and historical insights into how their equipment is operating from anywhere, so they can collaborate with customers to help reduce downtime.”

An IIoT-enabled packaging machine from Cama Group showcases the value of increased collaboration to both OEMs and end users. The machine offers independent cart technology for fast changeovers, while the FactoryTalk Analytics for Machines Cloud relays critical KPI (key performance indicator) data to the cloud. Real-time performance insights are displayed to Cama Group service engineers in five, easy-to-navigate screens.

A primary display shows a global map indicating every machine at all customer sites the OEM has subscribed to the service. In addition to the display is summary information on machine status and recent OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) performance. A simple search function then allows service engineers to filter by specific end users, locations or machine types for further analysis. At the machine level, OEMs can also view information about machine states, top events, production counts, cycle time attainment, and custom process variables and counters for the last three months on pre-configured dashboards and drill-down screens.

The system requires minimal setup from the OEM, and can be deployed and fully functional in a matter of minutes. A subscription-based model allows OEMs maximum flexibility and low, predictable costs.

The FactoryTalk Analytics for Machines Cloud is part of a larger, expanding ecosystem of analytics offerings from Rockwell Automation.

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