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The EvoDECO Multi labeler takes labeling system modularity to the next level

The new EvoDECO Multi labeler from Sidel Group takes labeling system modularity to the next level with a standardized carousel that can be equipped with up to four different labelling technologies—rollfed, selfadhesive, cold-glue and hot-melt—to allows manufacturers to set up the machine for their unique labeling needs. According to Sidel, the highly flexible system easily lets them as they can easily apply several types of labels to different types of containers and packaging materials (PET, HDPE, glass) of varying formats and dimensions (from 0.1-liter to five-liter) on a single machine at speeds from 6,000 up to 81,000 containers per hour, easily switching between various labelling modules with its plug-and-play connections. Allowing for 36 layout configurations and a faster changeover time, the EvoDECO Multi has been designed to deliver at least 98-percent efficiency with non-stop labeling, as well as ensure lower TCO (total cost of ownership) through reduced electrical consumption, lower maintenance time, and optimized glue management. Developed to handle all label types, even ultra-thin labels, with utmost precision, the new EvoDECO Multi labeler features an open, frameless structural design to facilitate open-access cleaning and
maintenance, while the new brushless motors integrated into the carousel and the labelling stations remove the need for periodic lubrication.


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