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Keep Your Products and Your Customers Safe with Reiser’s Wide Range of Packaging Solutions

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Fabbri stretch wrap packaging from Reiser offers the ultimate in food safety by eliminating in-store handling of loose products while providing a tamper evident package for consumers. Fabbri Automatic Stretch Wrappers produce highly attractive packages that make food products look fresh and “just packed”. Fabbri Stretch Wrappers use stretch film to package fresh produce, meat, poultry and seafood products in preformed trays to provide an in-store wrapped appearance. Fabbri Stretch Wrappers employ four-way stretch technology to produce tight, over-the-flange, wrinklefree packages with securely sealed bottoms and a superb case presentation.

Reiser horizontal form/fill/seal packaging systems produce vacuum, modified atmosphere and vacuum skin packages from flexible and semi-rigid materials. Compact configurations are available for lower production requirements, as well as high-performance machines capable of the industry’s fastest production speeds.

Ross tray sealers produce modified atmosphere and vacuum skin packages from preformed trays. They package fresh, refrigerated and frozen food products at a full range of output rates. Ross tray sealers produce attractive packages with superior seal integrity and extended shelf life. Ross tray sealers are designed to allow rapid tool changeover between tray sizes, reducing downtime and maximizing production efficiency.

Supervac is the technology leader in automatic belt vacuum chamber packaging machines, shrink tanks, chill tanks and dryers. Supervac machines feature a Double Biactive high-pressure sealing system that provides two superior seals to every bag. Heat and pressure are applied from above and below the packaging material to produce two superior seals, virtually eliminating leakers.

Keep your products and customers safe.
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