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Juice box packaging becomes interactive video game controller

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Tetra Pak Canada Inc. and A. Lassonde Inc. innovate by incorporating augmented reality technology onto Oasis 200 ml juice boxes for a first-of-its-kind interactive game.

Tetra Pak Canada Inc. and A. Lassonde Inc. (makers of OASIS juice) have partnered with Augmented CPG to think outside of the box and transformed the Oasis 200 ml juice box into a game controller for fun, interactive learning and play online.

According to Tetra Pak, Oasis fruit juice consumers can use the 200 ml Tetra Brik Aseptic carton to play Oasis All-Stars, an interactive online soccer game.

Oasis All-Stars moves the needle on consumer engagement, transforming any Oasis 200 ml carton into an exciting tool that uses augmented reality to mix online characters with the real world environment.

The Tetra Pak juice box acts as a game controller by connecting directly to the Oasis All-Star online game through a webcam.

The webcam reads the design and shape of the juice box, without the need for a chip or code from the consumer.

By holding the juice box in front of the webcam, players are able to move the goalie’s hands by moving the juice box (see top image) in order to make saves taken by mascot Nico.

Throughout the game, Nico interacts with the player, encouraging them to stay active and recycle juice box cartons after use.

The three 200 ml packages – Oasis Classic, Oasis FruitZoo and Oasis Fruits – have multiple designs that are recognized by the game, through the webcam. Each design starts a different game mode. These Tetra Brik Aseptic carton formats are sold at participating grocery stores across Canada.

“Over the past year and a half, we have worked closely with A. Lassonde Inc. and Augmented CPG to develop an innovative technology that allows us to create a unique and engaging brand association for Oasis fruit juice and Tetra Pak juice boxes that is fun for the whole family,” says Tetra Pak Canada marketing spokesperson Tevfik Djamgouz. “We take pride in our customer relationships and we collaborate with them to develop innovative solutions like the juice box joystick…that are meaningful to their marketing category and consumer needs.”

Augmented CPG has redefined the juice box by developing a unique technology for the Oasis All-Stars promotion that recognizes the shape of any Oasis 200 ml juice box, as well as its pre-defined designs to operate as a game controller. The technology is specific to the Oasis 200ml Tetra Brik Aseptic carton, prolonging consumer engagement and excitement with the package and product.

“Given that soccer is the number one sport for children aged five to 14 years in Canada, we designed an interactive soccer-focused game that is fun for the whole family,” explain Luc Prevost, vice-president marketing at A. Lassonde Inc. “By incorporating augmented reality onto our Oasis 200 ml juice boxes, Canadian families can have a unique experience while enjoying an Oasis 100% juice.”

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