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Introducing the NEW R-Series Rollstock Thermoformer by VC999

By VC999   

Evolution Leads to Revolution. The R-Series Thermoformer by VC999: Faster, Cleaner, Safer.


The R-Series Rollstock Thermoformer from VC999 is built upon over 50 years of packaging industry knowledge. While the industry has changed over time, reliable packaging machinery does not. We have machines over 30 years old still in service.


Born from one of our top-performing packaging machines, the RS Rollstock Machine, the new R-Series has a long pedigree of reliability. With the ability to customize each unit, this machine can meet both your current and future packaging needs.


Based on our best-selling Rollstock machine. We built the R-Series to be the next-generation of packaging machines. The new R-Series design has numerous features that will enhance productivity while reducing labor and maintenance costs.


In a competitive market, results matter! That’s why our focus is on finding ways to increase your production speeds. Package more products, faster, with the VC999 R-Series Rollstock Thermoformer.



  • Lift design optimized to increase your production speeds.
  • Controls with faster processing speeds.
  • Valve placement increases machine reaction speeds.
  • Machine overall speed and capabilities are increased by 15-20% over previous generation of Rollstock machines.


  • Routine maintenance is simple with easy access to all serviceable parts.
  • External access to chain tensioning for easy adjustments.
  • Long-lasting o-rings and gaskets that minimize down-time.
  • VC999 guaranteed 10-year parts availability.


  • Angled surfaces eliminate pooling.
  • Standoffs in paneling for easy cleaning.
  • Washdown rated Igus bearings.
  • Chain guides with nylon standoffs.


  • The R-Series is CE, UL, & CSA certified meeting global standards for efficiency, cleanliness, health, and safety.
  • Optical and Magnetic sensors trigger automatic safety systems to prevent operators from reaching in during machine operation, maintenance, and cleaning, ensuring safety.

Remote Access option

  • Troubleshoot in real-time remotely through a secure Ewon network connection.
  • Allows customers to address small problems quickly and efficiently with out the added travel costs for Service Techs.

Additional Features

  • Vacuum, MAP, & Skin (below web) – Rigid & Flexible – All in One Machine!
  • Exceeds IP69 hygiene standards with a high RA (root average)
  • Runs on reliable PLC platform
  • Online, Printed, & Digital machine-specific manuals
  • Form infeed system without trapeze rollers
  • Hygienic design for an easy washdown
  • Comprehensive zone specific safety system controlled by the PLC uses less connection points and less wiring
  • Unique, yet simple & massively powerful die lift system
  • Mechanical direct-drive design – VFD-driven for high speed and accuracy
  • Smooth satin hand-finished skins
  • Truly modular design to future-proof production flexibility
  • Designed with lifecycle costs in mind
  • Post installation expandability easily grow sections or the whole machine as product demand changes
  • Designed to be shipped in sections for ease of shipment and installation

The Advantages of Thermoform Packaging are:

  • Longer Shelf Life
  • More control over package sizes & shapes
  • Large number of products can be run on a single p-Series Thermoformer with unlimited die configurations
  • Lower packaging cost with film used as basic material
  • Reduced operating cost with few employees needed to operate
  • Minimal material storage cost, because packages in various shapes can be made off the same film rolls
  • Packages can easily be used for industrial or retail/consumer purposes
  • Maximum packaging performance


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