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Innis & Gunn ‘Islay Whiskey Cask’ in Collaboration with Legendary Laphroaig Whiskey Lands in Canada for Limited Run

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Toronto, ON – Islay Whisky Cask from innovative brewer Innis & Gunn is a limited-edition beer created in collaboration with whisky maker Laphroaig, which has received a huge response from European markets and is arriving in Canada for the first time starting this month.

Islay Whisky Cask is a 7.4% limited-edition beer slowly matured in Laphroaig 10-year-old single malt Scotch whisky casks. Laphroaig is well-loved among whisky enthusiasts and is recognized as one of the world’s most renowned and distinctive malt whiskies in the world.

A limited run of bottles of Islay Whisky Cask will be available to buy across Canada from beginning this May at liquor and beer stores across Canada (excluding Quebec).

During its 12-week maturation, the beer has extracted complex flavours from deep within these special whisky casks – peat smoke and brine, hallmark Laphroaig notes, plus hints of vanilla and floral aromas. These nuances, combined with the rich, warming malty flavours from the malted barley used to brew the beer, create an utterly unforgettable taste experience.

Each bottle of Islay Whisky Cask is presented in a striking collectible tube, created in collaboration with renowned Scottish artist Hope Blamire, who was commissioned to create an artwork to evoke the striking atmosphere of Islay. The crashing waves, salt spray and brooding skies depicted with bold colours provide the perfect backdrop to the truly exceptional beer inside.

Islay Whisky Cask has been crafted for beer and whisky lovers alike, who seek and enjoy truly original taste experiences, which defy the norm. This beer has both the signature peat-smoky, floral aroma notes of Laphroaig, while also expressing hallmark Innis & Gunn malty, deep flavours in perfect balance. The result is something as distinctive as the island which inspired it.

Innis & Gunn pride themselves on producing distinctive, quality beers, including their limited-edition brews, which push the boundaries of brewing, using their innovative techniques and cask maturing methods. Islay Whisky Cask and the collaboration with Laphroaig is a demonstration of the brewer’s skill and builds upon their reputation as the most recommended beer and cider brand in the UK by YouGov’s BrandIndex in 2019.

Dougal Gunn Sharp, Founder, Innis & Gunn said: “Islay Whisky Cask truly evokes the island that inspires both our brew and the iconic Laphroaig. The rich peated earth and Islay terroir infuse the whisky with its distinctive, complex flavours and it is these that we sought to capture in this bold, limited-edition brew. The result is evident even before you take your first sip, as you open the bottle, you’re welcomed with the distinctly peaty, complex aroma that defines Laphroaig.

“The Islay Whisky Cask collaboration – Innis & Gunn, Laphroaig and Hope Blamire – is a perfect example of the quality that can be achieved when you work innovatively with your craft and unite with other complimentary talents.” He added.

“Working with Hope Blamire completes a strong Scottish trio of raw Scottish craftsmanship. Her painting beautifully captures the rugged, dramatic beauty of Islay and the resulting packaging shows drinkers that they are in for something special.”

Chris Richardson, Global Sr. Director Laphroaig, said: “We’re excited to partner with another iconic Scottish drinks brand to bring together the richly peated flavour of Laphroaig with Innis & Gunn’s bold amber beer. The ‘Islay Whisky Cask’ limited edition is perfect for anyone who loves the unforgettable flavour of Laphroaig and wants to experience it married with the deep, rich flavours of one of Scotland’s top beers.”

Innis & Gunn’s award-winning portfolio of beers includes the brewer’s flagship ‘The Original’, a single malt whisky cask matured beer, which still stands unique in the beer market today.

About Innis & Gunn

Since its foundation in 2003, Scottish brewer Innis & Gunn has grown to become one of the UK’s most successful craft beer businesses. Using innovative techniques including oak cask maturation, Innis & Gunn brew multi-award-winning beers including the flagship ‘The Original’ and Scotland’s Best Lager, Innis & Gunn Lager Beer. Innis & Gunn is the third biggest craft beer brand in the UK-off-trade and the number one imported craft beer in Canada. The brewer’s portfolio also includes a range of IPA’s and a line of bespoke limited-edition brews which demonstrate quality, innovation and craft.


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