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Humble Meat Tray Ousted For Snip And Slide Packaging

September 13, 2010
by Canadian Packaging Staff

The way consumers buy meat is set to change forever following the introduction of new style ‘waste reducing’ eco packaging.

Stating that familiar meat trays will become a thing of the past, as Waitrose Limited, a UK chain of supermarkets is introducing a ‘snip and slide’ packaging that will remove 90 tonnes of plastic waste from customers trash every year.

The packs can be easily snipped open and the contents slid into the pan, saving time in the kitchen as well as space in the refuse sack.

Using ‘flow pack’ technology, already used for foods such as bagged salads and crisps, the packs are robust yet lightweight enough to withstand other items being placed on top of them in the shopping basket.

Minced and diced meat will be the first products to be re-packaged.

Waitrose meat buyer Andy Boulton says: “Waitrose is committed to reducing waste and we have listened to our customers who wanted a practical solution to help achieve this. These packs are more slim-line which gives shoppers more room in their shopping bags, fridge and when stored in the freezer. And with the added benefit of cutting waste by half but at no extra cost. I predict that this style of packaging will be a real hit.

“Feedback from customers has already been really positive as they can still buy the same quality meat products but will be minimizing waste.”