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Heat and Control/Ishida Offer Innovative Case Packing Solutions

By Heat and Control, Inc.   

Founded in 1950, Heat and Control, Inc.®, a world-leading equipment manufacturer and food processing industry supplier is working tirelessly with its partner, Ishida, to offer complete packaging for end of line automation for today’s tight workforce environment. Ishida, continuously delivers unique, innovative manufacturing solutions to multiple industries, providing only the highest quality equipment.

The automatic case packer, ACP-700 Series offers production efficiency not experienced to date. It provides additional flexibility, enhanced line communications, easy operator interface and significantly improves the changeover cycle of case packing.

Ideal for the snack food case packing industry which has been asking for effective automation and communications between the weigher, bagmaker, and case packer, the end of line solution significantly improves efficiency and performance.

With the case packer’s controls system’s feed-forward and feed-back features, the flow of bags is more measured and controlled. This reduces bottlenecks by continuously adjusting settings as bags are running through the system.

Utilizing feed-forward communications to the case packer and feed-back communications to the bagmaker and seal checker continuously monitors fill level and compares bags to the targeted value, so the case packer can automatically optimize the machine operation appropriately, as well as check for leaking bags. This helps to maximize cooperation and to deliver stable operation.

Changeovers have been an area where improvements needed to be made especially when it came to changing pack patterns and associated down-time. The loss of production time to perform changeovers has been a thorn in the side for some time as well as the associated operator labor that is associated with it.

The ACP-700 Series can perform a 3-minute changeover which is achieved by removing the requirement for tools or changeover parts. Plus, the removal of a troublesome vacuum system usually required for bag handling, further minimizing production downtime.

Improvements in controls systems also influence the speed at which a changeover can be made and is achieved in part due to automatic adjustment capability. The operator can easily change the bag count per row or row per case by setting the value in the Human Machine Interface (HMI). Change of timing values and mechanical adjustments is made automatically, no operator manual adjustments are required. Further, with the ability to hold up to 200 presets via the large HMI, the operator experience is considerably simple.

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About Heat and Control

Established in 1950, Heat and Control is a privately-owned company with a global team that has built an extensive knowledge bank and developed a wealth of experience and expertise. Access to production and technical support from a network of engineers, food technicians, field service technicians, skilled tradespeople, and support teams provide food manufacturers with confidence to achieve production goals.

  • Eleven manufacturing facilities, 12 test centers, more than 30 offices globally
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