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Harpak-Ulma’s got new meaty packaging

New technology from Harpak-Ulma introduces new packaging for large cuts of fresh meat.

July 20, 2015
Canadian Packaging

Harpak-ULMA has introduced a new technology for vacuum skin packaging larger cuts of meat called the “Super Protruding” package.

Formed on the G. Mondini Trave series tray seal equipment, the system enables packaging product which protrudes greatly above the flange.

The package can be formed using either high- or low-profile pre-made trays.

A vacuum skin is formed over the product and on the tray surface creating visual appeal and extending shelf life. A sleeve label may be applied.

G. Mondini Trave sealers employ an innovative Platform Technology which enables a single machine to deliver multiple packaging solutions, including below the flange skin, stretch seal, Darfresh on Tray and more.

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